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Published on, sooperarticles; Has The Right-Wing Intelligentsia failed to provide a solutions for Dowry as well as Caste Discrimination Problems?

As we Know that, in our Indian Society there are numerous problems like Dowry/Dowry System or so called Dowry harassment, Sexual harassment, Caste Discrimination, Superstitions, Illiteracy, Hunger etc... In a such time we can say that, one of the worst evils of our Society is the Dowry ('D'). In Short, 'D' means the Money and Property that a bride brings to her husband's house or place at the time of her marriage. It also count as a 'custom' that is prevalent in all the sections of our society in one form or the other... So, how we can get rid about the same to makes our exercise and hope more efficient, Globally?

Significantly, we think that in these days India needs Surgical Strike Part-2 with regard to "Dowry System as well as the related problems, Society at large. While, the world wide Grand Speeches or visits never solved this so here it need to do 'Surgical strike- 2' on such evils, Present Cabinet at large.. Still, we have Dowry Prohibition Act but it couldn't work or function in a appropriate direction.. We have also Scheduled castes and tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 and Sections 498A, 323, 406 of the Indian Penal Code and much more.. Unfortunately, the ground level reality are totally different, it works or not? In other words, these have not produced the desired results...

Therefore, lack of hardly any universal notion of law to get rid about the same, formulation and implementation problems are also the related challenges for present regime.. You can understand that, such kind of 'new law or law', society acceptance are becomes too much significant. So, Please think about the cycling of above Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi ji, India. As we know that, you have Right-Wing Intelligentsia and Intellectual Cabinet and you may built any kind of effective policy or affirmative action with the same regard.. I.e.., Demonitisation, GST etc. So, what you wating for??


Noida Police said that, A 27-year old Dalit Woman has field an FIR against her husband and in-laws alleging caste discrimination and dowry harassment. The women belongs to a Scheduled Caste while the husband belongs to an upper caste. According to the complaint registered on November 2, at the time of the wedding, Shikha's parents gave a car, lot of furniture and much more etc..

However, the did not give the money and finally the woman had to pay it from her own salary, said the complaint to Noida Police. Further, it forced to pay, the woman elleged, she was forced by her in-laws to withdraw 55,000 from her bank account. The complainant's husband allegedly rammed the car, their wedding gift, into a divider in a fit of range following a flight, the women claimed. Now the vehical is at a service centre and the repair is estimated at 1 lakh..

Following the allegations a complaint was filed at the Mahila police station against the husband and the in-laws and an FIR was registered under Sections 323, 498A, 406 of the Indian Penal Code and Dowry Prohibition Act and also under the scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989...

With the fact of above case study, the dowry at present is a source of both 'joy and curse', Indian Society at large. It is also a joy to the husband and his relatives who get cash, furniture, bedding materials etc.. Moreover, demand of dowry does not diminish even after marriage. The in-laws of the bride are very much ready in Indian homes to inflict harassment, insults and tortures-both mental and physical. When more pressure is put on the bride's parents, their dear daughter (i.e., Sikha and we may find huge) has no other option but to commit suicide to avoid more insult and torture at the hands of the members of her husband's family... The primary reason behind dowry system is the existence of a patriarchal society. Owing to such a social infrastructure, the dowry system still finds its takers and propagators. To ensure removal of dowry system from the nerves of our system, gender equality is the second step.


In a such scenario, this curse of 'D' must be eradicated forth with at any cost. Female or women from every walk of life, poor or rich, literate or illiterate, young or old must unite together and come forward to protect their own honour and interest. Though the Government has promulgated certain anti-dowry laws, these have not produced the desired results. We believe that, "gender equality and Women education" is very much important to get rid the above kind of evils and Girls should get the opportunity to get education at schools. Further, after completion of school education, they should be encouraged to have higher education because appropriate education of girls would be helpful in educating girls and women of their rights. In order to this, our efforts are also necessary if this evil is to be removed once for all. The high profile expenditure of the marriage ceremony must be cut down. The female sect of our Indian society is an much active contributor in the development of the home, the society and the nation as a whole.. Still hope for the best or pro-active role from Government of India side.. Thank's.

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Has The Right-Wing Intelligentsia failed to provide a solutions for Dowry as well as Caste Discrimination Problems?